Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Return Of Grandma Kidnap

Fires up her Ahab anger
Others, old, search for phantom teeth
All the while they rest shallow, adamintine pearls in a talented tongue locker
She was up for hide the button agin
The kids would wrestle furniture whilst she snoozed, fusty with the bottle
Murnau's devil floats in ether as a cow gently cuds
The diaper comes loose from which the shit farmer grows
Somebody got me a switch from which I fashioned a tool to put the children down with
It ain't rocket science

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Boots in mud & nippled in meal
We danced a parabula in a spider's egg.

The dog bit off the ass tip of my knob while the rebel woman lay open across my bloody shag causing cloud stir in boner heaven.

Monday, September 15, 2008


This him I expected in
my Mobile flow
teeth extractor
Cramps in the sapped ears

Weak scholarly variance
Allow the bigger to get dumber
Permit the parable to straighten out
Tyvek a scream
Funny hyphens alright!

Split shitters in settling camps
Dogs up my wind jam
Tired 'cause I negotiated
go get me a switch
the space feller is kind
Got wheels applied to his tendrils
Looks like rain's gonna tenderize the locks

Thursday, September 4, 2008

After John Larson

A gorilla meal sandwich spoke perfect parakeet
As it happens, it was my heart lollipopping the helloists
The Inn ate the squalls like a true Mann
The Mystic Mann man!!!!!
That man had a bad bandage

I knew I knew it
Cancer is thought throughout
The Bridal of Nietzsche's apron
Her gown kills Bill Million
after beer can hits girlfriend

I remember December
when the Autumn trees ate chemical snails
and we had to bury the foot of the insane tumbler
You think you got problems, buddy
The newsman buries briny smells
in buckets of patronage
to rock the Christians back to Christ!!!!!