Thursday, November 15, 2018

For Tiny Tim

no matter how
the donkey kong ends
we will not be able
to affect our existence
the way we want to

I hold you in my arms
you are 100% dog
and there's only a need for
because we've been one upped
by the dogma we created
get it?

Tuesday, November 13, 2018


no solace for the androids
who live on the moon
a litany not fit for the pleurisy
that aches the heart

from the woods
the untamed wolf
sees the cities
under water

all of them Atlantis

Monday, July 30, 2018


There's a raccoon in my kitchen
says he wants to fuck me
I don't want to get fucked
I want to be unfucked
I tell him this
He smiles gingerly and offers me a glass of sherry
We talk politics until there is nothing left
but sleep

Sunday, July 29, 2018


I just woke from a horrifying dream where I saw my true self. The dream was a movie about reality. Reality only takes place in a high school setting where you are judged. My character has a girlfriend who is a vacuous teenager type person in a grown up body. My character's friends are the same. Patti Smith is also in the movie. Patti Smith is also in this dream. She is the only celebrity. This is not a good thing. The celebrity is a tortured soul that no one can know. There is a genocide going on all around me. A genocide of high school students who are grown ups. Some of us survive because we have hidden powers. I am happy to know I have a hidden power and I get to talk with Patti and she is aware of a person who is going to kill us but she also knows how and how to escape this fate. At the moment when this young assassin opens his bag with a grenade in it we both know what the grenade is made of and are able to diffuse it by not being afraid. This is the hidden power but it has a drawback. Anyone that doesn't have this power is a vacuous teenager and falls victim to the genocide. I am soon shown that I'm an assassin but it is not something I want to be and it is clear by my expression and it might be that the elders know this when they take me up to the top layer of muscle in this reality high school. I am at that moment afraid of dying.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Lost Turn

Sometimes we expect too much from ourselves
Sometimes we expect too much from others
We look into the deepening crevices
We look into the heat of the sun
Beyond and between the spherical glows
Behind the wall of it all coming apart
Death is a ruler that measures the silence
Death is the cave that is sealed at the end of our dream.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Jack Boots, I Guess

The Statey pulled me over agin today
He looked down at me through the window
But I had become but a mirror reflection
He took out his ticket book
And began to wipe away the universe
We were floating in endless space
I looked at his feet which were gross
facsimiles of something????
"What are those?" I asked
He looked down past the steering wheel.
"I don't know...jack boots, I guess?"

I Heard It From The Grape, Man

I was out there looking at them looking at me
When, suddenly, from afar, a dank cloud

She then asked for the divorce, not of our marriage
This time the ducks were cold

The flies bundled up into fiber as the mask fell
Off the wall humor everywhere

You think you know, but then you don't know
And a street cleaner runs over your feet

All is forgiven and the saints hang up their coats
It is Christmas again on the aisle of death

There is a vineyard amongst my brain tissue
My hands had to dig their way out, wanting to strum

Along the corridors of my mandolin mind
Where all is forgiven when all is lost

Sal asked me to call his accountant for brevity
While the bald lady slaps me with her pocket book

Just another New York Monday lost on me again
They're hoping for rain in Albany

But the sewers are in rebellion again
They look into the mystic grape, a phallic totem

Of yesterdays gone wrong, but how could we know
That we, born into this whittled world to breathe

A dyers breath, will breathe again