Monday, May 30, 2011

The Shortest of Stories

for Alan

There was a child born without a brain
That's right, without a brain

He had a body and a head
but no brain

But where there was supposed to be a brain
there was a spout
From which poured out
the most wonderful music

So it was a happy story
and they named the boy Alan

Friday, May 27, 2011

Buying A Home

But if I have to do it again
at least I know it is not just me who's crazy
not the least of statements to make or
kind of like being at the end of a pillar of salt

Ordinary in its taste but not in it's design
forever forgetting your fucking keys

Almost when I think you are getting it
my algebra gets worse and
every time I hum that tune
right in the middle of a very important thought
it dissolves into pancake batter
causing this disturbance which
all along had nothing to do with anything

Sunday, May 15, 2011

In Candle Swims The Night

in candle swims the night a porous angel of daytime ripe. for what is the pluck but a sentimental dream found in old Hollywood. teak-wood cask the mask my eyes bloodshot in that picture...I've had some life in the digestion. there is a hole there where dreams get mixed in with the analytical, slight absence and then stretched like dough over your skin. hastes that border street-lined Connecticut depression road...old as the firehouse looks new, afresh in its madness.

I dip a finger in and the candle sinks and floats covered in discarded leaves. time ticks away from us in time as we elbow through...not wanting to...