Monday, November 15, 2010

Chapter 3: Charlie Plug

Charlie Plug was a real good for nothing asshole. He was known in Cabinville as the hippie outlaw. In Milo's opinion he was just a stupid hick from the hills. But, by some configuring of the stars, he'd become the town's Mayor.

Began somewhat long ago, when Milo was in his twenties. He could remember the late evening sun hanging around Charlie Plug's wild, wiry hair. At first Milo could not figure out Charlie's sex. The hair was a bit Medusa and the haunches maybe too, but the arms were too board-like to be arms. The denim jacket with its arms cut off were pure biker, but the shorts fit to show off a voluptuous rump. Milo thought, "God made a man woman".

Charlie Plug sat down next to Milo, said.

"Nice air."

Could see a real glimmer shooting out of Charlie Plug's eye. This might be how it came to pass that Charlie would pull so many unsuspecting strangers into his lair. His company was much like a prize fighter, both lonely and not to be left alone.

"I'm a passenger of the great moon ship, an experiment."

Milo shook his head.

Charlie nodded.


When Milo looked into his eyes he was certain something wasn't right.

"I'm not an experiment of anything." Milo said, not understanding what Charlie said.

He looked at Milo for a fixed second and then looked over his head at something that seemed to be in the distance. Milo looked at him for a considerable time then looked at the ground when he discovered Charlie was staring at him. He stared at him for a while then started to sing a tune without words. It was a song that has a hard time leaving your head. You scratch and beat your head, it won't go.

Suddenly, like intermittent rain, Charlie was gone.