Monday, March 28, 2016

Kinder Window

I see them arched and reflecting color
The absent minded ones who clown around
In the hallways of my mind
I can't always dig them out with balloon dialogue
That's ok, November never came this year
Sadness was just another symptom so we
Had to give up coffee again to get a sense
Of the ever expanding surroundings when
Clown puppets wrestle on the half baked porch
Light comes in through a kinder window
I bend out to greet you Ben Franklyn
And all is well. You help me pull in
The wash. I look at you and you me
We exchange pleasantries as we both
think it out loud "Hilarity"

Friday, March 4, 2016

Where I Wait Is Where I Am Waiting

A woman looking at her wrist watch sees it is time
And from this time all is beginning like some dirt
On a window frame that gets noticed only instantaneously
We worry about the polaroid and it's meaning
And from this time, all watch, see it is time
Like some dirt gets noticed, only it's meaning
Instantaneously we worry, all watch, see it is time
And from this beginning, a woman watches
Seeing is time noticed only instantaneously
We worry about time instantaneous as it goes

As it goes unnoticed we wait holding something
And from the beginning only it's meaning
All watches and noticing a window frame
From where she sits she can see the piazza
A rubble or an instantaneous babble or brook
Holding something ever in its measure while not knowing
The polaroid is being taken by a woman at a window
It is falling out of its camera another window
From another time it is framed closer
Where I wait where I am waiting for anything