Friday, February 12, 2010


what a privilege it is to be positive
always the positive sort
always thinking positive up in your tree
looking down on all the misery
trying to make its way up
happy to be in the top looking down
biting your nails
it's a long way up but you won't fall
if you keep thinking positive
the negative mind weighs you down
you can't get up with a negative mind
nothing tastes right with the negative mind
so here you are up in your positive tree
while all of them are down there working
with a negative mind
and you are fortunate 'cause that negativity is not
going to get you down from your positive tree
you'll come down when you know the coast is clear
but until then you hope the branch doesn't give
you can't really fly but it would be a good thing
especially when this branch breaks
and it is cracking from your weight

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