Sunday, February 21, 2010


science versus religion
we are all completely susceptible to our genetic make-up
we have myths that are guidelines for better human behavior
he says there are no myths without the genetic make-up
I say, ok, fine, but without rite of reasoning it doesn't matter
he says, ok, but without the genetic make-up it doesn't matter
I say, great, but genes are a made up term by modern science
yes, he says, but it solves it all. It is reasoned out that that's what matters.
It is also reasoned that with the mythos we are given to reason
He says, yes, but this does not allow consciousness to play a role
Consciousness is the state of being and all else is choice
I say, there are levels of consciousness, levels of being awake
that is, if we are human beings then we have levels of consciousness.
Consciousness then is a religious term.
Yes, maybe, but I mean how to transfer ideas that then become knowledge
and that this possibly is a basis for mythos generated through artifact
It lives without our physical nature.
I hear what you say, but without the origin of a genetic code
it doesn't come to exist.
This may be true, but without consciousness it doesn't transfer.
High five!

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