Sunday, February 28, 2010


assoles born everyday
but when they are babies they are heaven
they don't mean to be assholes
then they go skiing and start showing off
like moving fast and we are cross-country skiing
just s'posed to be taken it easy and checking out nature
as we go along looking at beautiful snow hanging
from over taxed pine, but of course there are the babies
they are out there, like me just chugging along
hoping the heart attack will pass
we fall several times, get up, hurt our ankles
get snow bunching up on the bottom of our skis
The Ski Patrol lady skis by and says hi
She sounds Norwegian which is appropriate
since we are Nordic skiing.
It is pretty cool until you run into these sixty-something year old
dudes scoping chicks and you think "pathetic"
Mostly it is only families and the random doctor
who bought his wife and himself some high tech gear
In the parking lot I see a ten year old kid whose mom
is gonna park her car in my space and he never looks up

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